If you are passionate about nature, it means your garden is one of your favourite areas. Therefore, you would want to make it a space to behold. Regular maintenance of the trees and shrubs is one effective way to reach that goal.

The Importance of Tree Maintenance:

 Proper maintenance maintains your garden aesthetic and keeps your plants healthy. Three kinds of services stand out while preserving your garden aesthetics. One of the things we talk about here is crown reduction, lifting, and thinning. These are vital services provided by the leading tree surgeons in Chichester.

 Importance of Crown Reduction in Maintaining Tree Health:

 While the three processes related to modifying the tree crown sound the same, they differ. We discuss these three processes below.

  • Crown Thinning:

    This is an essential tree maintenance service many leading tree surgeons provide. It is a complete technique that involves selective removal of inner branches and foliage within the tree’s crown. Once the thinning process is done, you can observe a more balanced branch distribution through the canopy. It also guides the restricted sunlight through the tree’s canopy. As a result, your trees have a reduced chance of getting affected by fungal diseases.

  • Crown Lifting:

    It is a vital maintenance task where the tree surgeon selectively removes the tree’s lower branches. This helps clear the distance between the ground and the lowest hanging tree branch. You can lift the canopy through crown lifting, promoting better air circulation and light distribution. Eliminating these branches also reduces the risks of freak accidents. You get an additional space beneath the tree and utilize it according to your needs.

  • Crown Reduction:

      Reducing the crown of the tree involves selective reduction of the size and volume of the tree’s crown. You can remove the dead or diseased limbs by trimming the tree branches. This improves the plant’s overall health and effectively allocates nutrients to the remaining part. Additionally, crown reduction reduces the risk of tree damage due to heavy winds or storms.

As you can see, all tree maintenance processes play a significant role in maintaining aesthetics and tree health.

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