Trees are an invaluable element in your garden, but sometimes, you might have to make a tough decision. When they have overgrown their size, or the branches are overloaded with thick foliage, you have no option but to cut them. This would be a much more practical decision than allowing the trees to die of disease.

Get Professional Help in Tree Removal:

When it comes to removing a damaged tree in your garden, you must not engage in DIY removal activities. Consider contacting professionals, especially those with proven expertise in this field. Along with using modern-day tools, tree surgeons in Hampshire can follow certain safety measures to avoid untoward incidents.

Tree Surgeon Safety Measures During Tree Removal:

Below is a detailed take on the various safety norms that professional tree surgeons follow.

  • Equip With Proper Safety Gears: For removing or felling a tree, one should be dressed for the occasion. The tree surgeons, as a result, get their best looks with the numerous protective gears. Safety goggles are a must to protect the eyes and face from the sharp splinters. Some also wear earplugs to cushion the deafening sound of the chainsaw. To protect the lower body, the surgeons wear Kevlar chaps.
  • Protecting the Area: Before starting with the tree-cutting work, it is important to ensure proper protection of the adjacent areas. Along with the occupants of the house and its neighbours, it is also vital to protect the passers-by. Therefore, the tree surgeons mark the area of work so that they can be spotted easily. Some professionals invest in orange traffic cones to ensure better visibility.
  • Pruning the Twigs and Branches: Before going on with the big trunk, it is important to cut the smaller branches and twigs. This eliminates the chances of debris falling while cutting the tree. It is a thumb rule to start from the top and go downwards. This eliminates the clutter and makes tree surgery much smoother.

 By taking these safety measures into account, a professional arborist ensures a safe tree removal job. If you want to collaborate with a team of reliable tree surgeons in Hampshire, get in touch with Sycamore Tree Surgeons. We are a prominent name in this sector, offering complete tree removal services to a wide range of clients. Our team consists of experienced tree maintenance professionals who have access to modern tools and techniques. For more information, you can visit our website today.