Tree surgery is the process of treating and pruning old or damaged trees. It increases the lifespan of trees. The tree surgeons in Hampshire implement diverse techniques to keep the trees in good health. Tree surgery is also an effective approach if you want to protect your trees from storm damage. Usually, storms do heavy damage to trees and gardens. After the storm, a falling limb or a broken branch is a common phenomenon. If they aren’t taken care of, it will lead to severe accidents.

How Tree Surgery Mitigates Storm Damage?

Some trees can withstand heavy storms and huge rainfall. However, not all of them have the same capacity. If a tree has overgrown branches or a weak crown, chances are high that it will get uprooted during storms. Well, let’s have a look at how tree surgery combats storm damage to trees:

  1. Detect the Potential Pitfalls: You may have a splendid landscape around your home. But, you can’t detect what problems are there within the trees. If something unnatural catches your eye, you get cautious, but what if you don’t get a hint? This is where tree surgery can prove to be beneficial. For this reason, many individuals go with tree surgery after 1-2 years.

Initially, tree surgeons evaluate the condition of your trees. It helps them to determine the weak spots. Thereafter, they give suggestions about what actions you should undertake to protect your trees.

  1. Techniques for Damage Resistance: Heavy storms do extensive damage to trees. There is nothing you can do to prevent storms. So, focus on what’s in your hand. Certain tree surgery techniques like crown thinning and strategic pruning are highly effective in minimising the impact of storms on trees.

Will Tree Surgery Help Repair a Damaged Tree?

Yes, with tree surgery, repairing a storm-damaged tree won’t be a big deal. However, it also depends on the extent of damage. If a tree’s limbs are damaged, tree surgery can be a helpful option. Tree surgery also reshapes the canopy and facilitates the growth of trees. However, if the damage is serious like splitting down the trunk, removing the tree is the sole option.

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