Tree pollarding is an effective maintenance task that keeps your garden healthy and safe. In simple terms, the process can be defined as pruning the branches and leaves of a big tree. The main goal of such a complex tree maintenance process is to foster better growth of branches and garden clearance.

Vital Tree Maintenance Requirements:

Like any biological being, trees start rotting when there is a lack of maintenance. The process will be accelerated if there is an open wound or scratch mark on its surface. With pollarding, you can cut off those dead, deceased branches and encourage new foliage growth.

Basic Maintenance Requirements for Tree Pollarding:

When looking to conduct such a vital tree maintenance service, you must communicate with a professional tree surgeon in Chichester. They follow and avoid certain things in tree pollarding that guarantees a smooth maintenance service. We discuss them in the following section.

Things to Follow for Smooth Tree Pollarding:

  • Attempt for tree pollarding by professionals if your garden appears to be dark due to lack of sunlight. The maintenance routine is also necessary if the area has too much shade.

  • An unchecked growth of branches and leaves can cost you a lot of money every year. Therefore, it is better to follow a pollarding routine on a yearly basis.

  • If your utility lines, like electric lines, street lights and telephone lines, are being affected by the excessive growth of trees, you must opt for pollarding.

Things to Avoid in Tree Pollarding:

  • Attempting pollarding during autumn is a big no from the experts. It is the time when your trees are more susceptible to fungal decay. Along with growing all over the tree, it will affect the other trees in the garden, too.

  • Pollarding the branches all on your own is a bad idea that should be avoided at all costs. It involves working at height with professional-grade materials and safety measures that you may lack. Rather than taking unnecessary risks, you must trust in a professional tree surgeon.

These are a few basic needs of tree pollarding that you must follow. To ensure smooth, hassle-free tree maintenance from an expert, you can contact Sycamore Tree Surgeons. We are a well-known name for different kinds of tree maintenance routines. Our team comprises tree surgeons in Chichester who have been in this field for many years. To learn more, you can visit our website today.