If you use the external space of your home as a garden, you might know how to properly care for it. Trees are the most essential part of a well-maintained garden, so it is vital to note whether the tree is actually alive and growing properly.

Why Remove a Dead Tree?

A dead tree can be the root cause of many problems. It does not only hamper your garden’s aesthetics but also leads to safety hazards and accidents. It can damage your valuable possessions and hurt your loved ones. Therefore, if you find any signs of decay or damage, you must promptly contact a reliable tree surgeon in Hampshire.

How to Know that Your Tree is Dead?

There are various ways to determine if the trees in your garden are dead or alive. We point them out in the following section.

  • Cracking and Peeling Bark:

    In healthy trees, you will notice intact, smooth, and nourished bark. As the dead trees are unable to take in the nutrients, the barks start crumbling. This is a prominent sign of a dying tree. As the garden owner, you should keep a keen eye on the trunks and branches of the tree.

  • Leaning or Drooping Branches:

    When your tree is dead or structurally getting weaker, the branches will droop down. This would happen all of a sudden without prior signs. It could be a particular sign of concern if the branches interfere with the vital spaces of your property. You would have no other way but to remove the dead tree with the help of a tree surgeon.

  • Bare Branches:

    The lack of growth of leaves and buds is one of the most concerning signs for any garden owner. It is more noticeable during the growing season. If the adjacent trees bloom, you can be sure something is wrong. In this situation, you should get in touch with a professional tree surgeon.

  • Fungal Growth:

    The growth of fungi and other harmful microbes can be a clear sign of tree decay. You can find it at the base of the trunk of an affected tree. Certain types of fungi on the tree’s surface can indicate its poor health or death.

These are some concerning signs of death or decay that you must be aware of. For a healthy, flourishing garden, it is advisable to remove the dead trees with the help of an expert tree surgeon in Hampshire. Contact Sycamore Tree Surgeons, a reliable name in this field. For more details, you can visit their website today.